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What Do We Do?

Why Hire Us For Your Fence Project.

As a locally owned business with great pride in the community, we depend upon our quality workmanship, honesty and integrity as a means of growing our business through the satisfaction of our customers.

Underground Line Locates

Post Holes Dug Below Frost Line

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Have questions?

Depending on scope of work, installation times vary significantly. An average yard will usually take one full day to dig, remove dirt and set the posts, and one full day to complete framing and boarding.

We keep out sites extremely clean during installation. All soil is shipped out to local clean fill sites where it will be used for future new residential communities.

No, Fence Up is actually responsible for this service. In fact, we are not permitted to start construction until the markings have been certified. However, each customer is responsible for marking out private utility lines such as BBQ or pool gas lines.

If we are replacing an existing fence we follow the existing line. If it’s a new development with new fence line we need to locate the property stakes or engineer drawings of home and lot.

Properly finished, any of our fence projects can look great and perform well for many years, but materials used, drainage around area, distance between posts, wind load and snow load are all factors that challenge the total years of service. A well-built fence is expected to last 30-50 years.