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Post Setting

We love working with our hands in the great outdoors, and we can appreciate that we’re not the only ones! We love a good DIY project, and if you do, too, then let us help with the most important part of a new fence build: setting the posts.


A well-built fence will define your property, add security, and protect your privacy. On the other end, a poorly built fence will become more of a nuisance than an asset and may cost you more in maintenance and repairs than it’s worth. The difference between a good fence and a fence that’s a drain on your time and finances comes down to the way the posts are spaced and set, making the post setting process one of the most important aspects of any new installation.

Here at Fence Up!, we understand the importance of post setting for any new fencing project, which is why the way we set posts for new fences is a process built on quality and experience. It starts with the property survey and professionally defining your property to avoid any neighbourly issues. Next, comes the spacing. We set posts evenly, taking care not to over extend the future frame for maximum durability. All this is done using quality materials that will lend themselves to strength and reliability throughout the years. Each post is dug well below the permafrost line and set on a layer of aggregate to ensure proper water drainage with the changing seasons. We will ensure that each post is set straight and true, so you can have an easy time with the rest of your project!

After ensuring the success of the post setting process, we can even provide you with a list of needed materials and our best recommendations! We want you to end up with a fence that not only exceeds your expectations, but remains a value-adding asset to your Collingwood, Ontario property for years to come.

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All new fence installations come with our standard 2-year workmanship warranty.