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Fence Up is the leading fence contractor in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, renowned for delivering unparalleled quality and service in fence installation. Homeowners in Wasaga Beach seeking privacy and security know that only a durable, expertly installed fence will do. At Fence Up, we use the highest quality materials designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting durability. Trust us for expert fence installation that ensures your peace of mind.

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Fence Up is the premier fence contractor in Wasaga Beach. The company boasts a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch installation. With a 5-star rating and over 140 reviews on Google, Fence Up excels in crafting quality wood fencing tailored exactly to your needs

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6×6. Set on a layer of aggregate to increase drainage, they’re sunk well below the permafrost line to increase the fence’s wind resistance and prevent seasonal warping. High-caliber concrete keeps it all together. The post cap not only complements our designs, but also ensures that even the top long outlasts your neighbour’s fence.

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We take it a step further with our frames too.
We frame with 6 inch boards for maximum strength and durability. To top it off, we back all our work with a standard 2 year warranty.

Types of Fence installations in Wasaga Beach

Although there are many types of fences, we have identified six popular fences in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Wood fences are the most popular fencing option. Other fence options include the chain link fence, vinyl, aluminum and composite fences. The choice of fence type depends on the homeowner and the purpose it would serve. Here, our team at Fence Up will explain the types of fences in Wasaga Beach in detail read more below.

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Wood fence

This is the most common and most versatile fence of choice. This popularity is due to its many types and uses. Many heights and styles of wood fences make it acceptable to most folks. The ability to easily customize it with stains and paints also influences its acceptability. It can also be carved in many ways to produce customized designs and patterns.

The type of wood is vital to the longevity of a wood fence. Cedar, redwood, fir, and pine are good options. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you use pressure-treated wood. This type of wood is resistant to bugs and rot that will damage the wood fence. This is not enough though. You will have to constantly take care of the wood to prevent rot. This includes repainting and treating with insect repellent chemicals.

Chain link fence

This is usually the best choice for homeowners on a budget. It is made of galvanized steel links. These links are twisted together and attached to poles at each end. The poles can be made of concrete, steel, or galvanized iron.

Chain link fence is easy to install and maintain. As a result, it is used in construction sites and commercial buildings. Besides affordability, it is not the most attractive fence type. Also, it offers little or nothing when it comes to privacy. Another demerit is that it is not secure. It is easy to climb and the chain links can be cut easily.

Vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are plastic-formulated fences that come in various sizes and finishes. They are easy to maintain, and stains are easily cleaned. They do not require extra painting. Vinyl fences come in finished and user-friendly kits. Vinyl is usually used for swimming pools, farm fences, and garden fences.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is lightweight and easy to handle. This feature makes aluminum fences strong and easy to install. They are rust and fade-resistant. Oftentimes, they come with spaces between poles. So, if you are looking for privacy, this is not the right option. However, it contributes to aesthetics.

Wrought Iron Fence

These are fences made from carefully crafted and preheated irons. They are strong and have a long lifespan. It also adds elegance to your home. Due to the cumbersome forging process, it is very expensive. Nowadays, stolen ornamental fences are slowly replacing this option.

Composite Fence

Composite is a mix of wood and polymers. Builders use it for fencing and decking. They are long-lasting and come in different colors. Composites are easily recycled, and they are environmentally-friendly. However, they are expensive and require skilled professionals for installation.

Geographical info of Wasaga Beach Ontario

In Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada, there is a community called Wasaga Beach, or just Wasaga. Located on the world’s longest freshwater beach, it’s a well-liked summertime travel destination. Situated roughly 40 km (25 mi) northwest of Barrie and 150 km (93 mi) north of Toronto, it is situated along the southernmost point of Georgian Bay. For a large portion of the year, tourists also flock to Collingwood and The Blue Mountains to the west. The village is located between the meandering Nottawasaga River and Georgian Bay’s Nottawasaga Bay, which has an extremely long sandy beach. The beaches are located within the 168 hectares (415 acres) that make up Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. As of 2021, Wasaga Beach has 24,862 year-round residents; however, during the summer, the number rises due to a large influx of seasonal residents.

The economy has been struggling for a while, especially after numerous stores were destroyed by a large fire in late November 2007. In a place where the main shopping season lasts for three to four months a year, it depends on travelers. The town’s Downtown Development Master Plan, a 20-year plan for major tourism sector renovation and the addition of a downtown to the business district, was passed in March 2017. Enhancing tourism, broadening the economy, and shedding the stigma of being a “party town” are the objectives.

History of Wasaga Beach

Cars parked on the sand, around 1925 The Huron-Wendat Nation lived at Wasaga Beach and the surrounding area for centuries before the Iroquois Haudenosaunee (also known as the Five Nation Iroquois Confederacy) subjugated and drove them from their home territories in 1649. The Algonquian word Nottawasaga is shortened to Wasaga. Algonquin scouts would use the term “Nottawasaga” as a warning if they noticed Iroquois raiding parties approaching their towns. Nottawa means “Iroquois,” and saga means “mouth of the river.”

The United States launched many invasions of Upper Canada after declaring war on Great Britain in 1812. At the mouth of the Nottawasaga River, Wasaga Beach developed into a strategically important site that led to Fort Willow and the Nine Mile Portage, which served as a supply line for British forces in the War of 1812, as well as points north and west to Fort Michilimackinac. In order to stave off the Americans from seizing the Royal Navy schooner HMS Nancy and her stores, she was scuttled in the Nottawasaga River.

For the remainder of the 19th century, the primary industry was lumbering. Logs were floated into the harbor and downriver, collected at ports to supply the nearby sawmills.

Families started to appreciate the area’s beauty in the 1900s. Over time, the beach developed into a destination for summertime family vacations and picnics, and the first cottages were constructed. The Vanvlack Bridge was replaced with a brand-new steel bridge in 1909. When businessman John McLean established the first beachfront hotel, The Capstan Inn, in 1915 in what would eventually become the Beach One neighborhood, Wasaga Beach became a significant resort destination. He first opened the Dardanella Dance Hall in 1918, and during the ensuing decades, other hotels, entertainment centers, and amusements would follow. Wasaga Beach gained national recognition in the 1940s when soldiers stationed at facility Borden, a neighboring military facility, visited the amusement park. Wasaga Beach remained a well-liked destination for day visitors and cottage owners after the war.

In 1934, Wasaga Beach made headlines throughout history. The first flight from continental Canada to England over the Atlantic took off from this location. Trail of the Caribou was the name of the plane that utilized the sand as a temporary airstrip.

The beach received a “Crown beach” designation in 1959, which served as a model for Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. With the exception of reserving a portion of the major beach area for commercial usage, the province started evicting beachfront houses in order to establish a continuous belt of parkland down the entire length of the beach. Due to the controversy surrounding this, the province decided to abandon its original intentions and settle for divided parks, which are now Beach Areas 2–6. Prior to 1973, it was legal and common to drive and park near the beach; however, the province banned cars from the beach.




Fence Repair in Wasaga Beach

Fixing your fence in Wasaga Beach doesn’t need to be a hassle. Reach out to the experts at Fence Up for all your fence repair needs. The local weather can often damage your fence, necessitating prompt repairs to prevent further issues. We design our fences to endure all kinds of weather, incorporating features like wind resistance, efficient water drainage, and resilience against permafrost and spring thaw conditions. Plus, all new fence installations are backed by our 2-year standard warranty, so if issues arise, simply give us a call—no need to worry about unexpected costs.

Consider getting a quote for a new fence and experience the exceptional service commitment that defines Fence Up. Contact us today!

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Wasaga Beach Fence Installation FAQs

The average fence installation cost varies greatly. According to Adam Graham’s article ‘How much does it cost to install a fence?’ from Fixr, the average fence installation cost in Wasaga Beach Ontario range from $4,000 to $20,000. From our experience at Fence Up, several factors influence the cost of a fence installation. These factors include the size of post, length and height of the fence as well as the overall design. 

Ontario offers numerous choices for hiring a fencing installation company. Among these, Fence Up emerges as the top fence contractor in Wasaga Beach. Geraldine Orentas’s article ‘How To Hire A Fencing Contractor’ from ForbesHomes suggests searching online to locate nearby fence installers. It’s important to review their portfolios, testimonials, and reviews. Additionally, getting referrals from friends, colleagues, and neighbors can prove invaluable. When selecting a contractor, considering your budget and available fencing options is crucial. For expert fencing services in Wasaga Beach, reach out to us at Fence Up.

On average, a chain link fencing in Ontario will cost between $1,825 and $3,500 CAD depending on the length required. According to Kelly Marshall’s article ‘Chain Link vs Wood Fence Cost Comparison Guide’ of Citywide, it can range from $2,500 to $3,500. This type of fence is considered the cheapest fencing option. Thanks to the easy installation process and lower material costs. However, some factors can affect the cost of a chain link fence installation. The factors include the type and grade of the chain link. Coated links cost more than uncoated links. Also, the type of poles affects the cost. In addition, the terrain of the land also affects the cost.

There are many options to hire a fencing installation company in Ontario. Fence Up stands our as the leading fence contractor in Wasaga Beach. According to Geraldine Orentas’s article ‘How To Hire A Fencing Contractor’ from ForbesHomes, you can search online to find fence installers nearest to you. You should check out their portfolios, testimonials and reviews. Also, referrals from friends, colleagues, and neighbors can be helpful. However, it is vital to consider your budget and fencing options when hiring a contractor. to hire the best fence contractor in Wasaga Beach, contact us at Fence Up.

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